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Jul 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
spent on his defense team. his attorneys think that he would do his best to stay clear of the limelight. and since it is granted of and trout is likely that you'll go free. the decision is expected to come out any day cnn los vegas. >> catherine: a daring rescue in orange county. take a look at this -- deputies initially approached a burning taxicab with guns drawn. they said later they weren't sure if the driver was trying to escape. but they decided to pull him exploded. authorities say the 49- year-old driver suffered a medical emergency, causing the driver is now recovering. >> catherine: and a rescue in georgia. two teenaged hikers wandered into a restricted area on stone mountain. the 17 and 18-year-olds then slid down a pipe and fell several hundred feet. they were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police say the area where they fell has signs restricting the public -- and is fenced off at the top. >> catherine: a florida man barely escaped a roof collapse while filling up his tank at a station. he was standing on the driver side of this truck when a strong blast of wi
Jul 26, 2013 5:00pm PDT
and killing martin.but says he acted in self-defense after the teenager attacked him. the six-woman jury agreed there was not enough evidence to convict him. an ohio gun rights group has sent george zimmerman more than 12-thousand dollars. members of the "buckeye firearms foundation" says the money is for zimmerman's legal and security expenses. the group is dedicated to defending u-s gun rights. authorities have taken zimmerman's gun as evidence in a civil rights investigation. >> pam: we are continuing to follow the traffic headache. and the market street is always difficult on a friday and particularly, today. >> as a result of that shut down this was about for 30 minutes and the traffic here is ugly! we are here from this on ramp on the on 80. and i can tell that it is still difficult, from the driver's response. it has been over one hour. some others have tried the other on-ramp. but it is just difficult getting out of this area. we tell you that there is a silver lining. if you're watching this broadcast to just stay put. it should get better but it is backed up on the 580 east. ho
Jul 30, 2013 5:00pm PDT
mayoralabedin's defense of her husband has reportedly irritated her boss, who stood by her man during the lewinsky scandal, but never defended him. >> pam: is interesting ever won a san but she's going to get in. >> reporter: >> the at delays continue to fall eventually she would jump into the race. >> pam: brett a man has been acquitted of most of the serious. nonetheless he did get off on the heavy one spirit >> i think he would've had a much tougher time with the jury. the sentiments of politics are out and they have two different levels all review. even with the military judge i think, i think this is not to hit unexpected. >> pam: let's talk about the bigger picture here. the thing that all these crackdowns on whistle- blowers and journalists are having a chilling affect on the public does have a right to know some of this affirmation. >> there using 1917 espionage act. only been used three other times since 1917. snow may be no. 7 during which is twice as many as the previous so there is a lot of confusion. a gut on transparency which is putting a crackdown on release of informa
Jul 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
are the last line of defense between you and any would-be evil-doers at the airport.are engaging in misconduct that could put fliers at risk. shannon travis reports. >> remember this three years ago: a t-s-a officer at new jersey's newark airport leaves his security post. and a man breezes through, prompting a security scare, for hours? a government report released tuesday shows startling incidents like these happen far too often: it says misconduct from t-s- a workers is up 26-percent over three years. to some 96-hundred cases. and there may be more, since some offenses may never be reported. things like: sleeping on the job. stealing cash out of luggage. t-s-a workers leaving their posts. even letting friends or family go through security without being screened. members of congress, holding a hearing wednesday, were outraged. >> "some of the incidents have been totally embarrassing." >> "stealing is stealing, and these are instances of stealing from american travelers." >> reporter: >> reporter: the t-s-a defended its handling of misconduct. >> "i've given you my word. if they're stealing, t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4